Thanks To Phil Mehan

December 8, 2009 in Documentary Films

Thanks to Phil Mehan, who sent filmmakers Dan Traub and Sylvie Traub to Washington, D.C. last August to continue work on their upcoming documentary feature about the Bataan Death March. The film is in the editing stage, and will be released April 2010, and is entitled “Forsaken Legion: The Bataan and Corregidor Defenders of WWII.”  It will feature interviews with several prominent former P.O.W.’s, many of whom are authors. For information and to sign up for updates on release, go to


The nearly three-hour documentary feature DVD
Forsaken Legion: The Bataan Death March
is now available on DVD at

YouTube Preview Image

1 response to Thanks To Phil Mehan

  1. Congratulations Dan and Sylvie! I hope you are well rewarded for a job well done. Forsaken Legion is a wonderful tribute to our Veterans, and an important historical masterpiece that should be seen by every American.

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